Tuesday, August 8, 2023

3 Critical Reasons Why Counselling is Helpful

1. Overcoming Self-Destructing Behaviours:

Abuse of alcohol It is not uncommon for those struggling to cope with depression, stress, anxiety, or trauma. A Registered ClinicalCounsellor in BC can help you to learn techniques and strategies to mitigate your risk of substance abuse and control or eliminate self- destructive behaviour.

 2.  Managing Your Emotions (self-regulation) and Overcoming Anger Issues:

Old triggers can arise when various issues arise in your life. When there are old wounds, a history of dysfunction, abuse, neglect or trauma from your childhood self-regulation can be extremely difficult. 

Counsellingcan give you tools and coping strategies to understand and manage these emotions in a positive way especially when you have difficulty controlling your anger, anxiety, or frequently feel depressed.

 3. Reduce Your Physical Health Risks.

Depression,anxiety, stress, or trauma can be a fundamental reason you are experiencing difficulty or even impossible to manage day-to-day relationships. 

Research has proven these common mental health issues can seriously impact your physical health and your ability to function in your day-to-day life and impair relationships throughout your life.        

In therapy, Dr. Dadson will work to get at the core of your beliefs, thinking, and feelings that can involve low self-worth, or the feeling of sadness, or even self-hatred.

                                               About Counselling with Dr. Mike Dadson

In Dr. Mike Dadson's capacity as a former board member of the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Group Therapy and Trauma, the International Society of Trauma and Dissociation, and the Clinical Director for Veterans Transition Network, Dr. Dadson managed:

The creation of a national team of psychologists and therapists trained in the recovery of trauma and group therapy.

·        Dr Mike Dadson was also responsible for creating an educational model, training psychologists and counselors in group therapy and trauma on a global scale.

Visit Dr. Mike Dadson at www.drmikedadson.com here for information on types of therapy.

Or, if you are looking for information about trauma and trauma recovery, check out Dr. Dadson’s new traumatherapyclinic.com website for more information on trauma.

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