Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Men in Crisis"-Dr. Michael Dadson Launches New Men's Group

To address the Ongoing Men’s Mental Health Crisis Dr. Mike Dadson is launching a new Men's Group in Langley, BC.

For more information about the new Men's Group" visit me at my clinic web site here: 

Problem: Cultural Conditioning

Cultural conditioning is a major barrier, preventing men from entering into mental health care.

According to Dr. Michael Dadson:

"Often men are conditioned to function in the workplace for long hours, in some cases more hours on the work site than at home with their partners and children. Much of their time is spent in a place where emotions do not hold much value if any."

Due to this mindset, men are not aware or can have no awareness of the importance their emotions play in their own mental health or that of their family and those they love.

It is common for men to be "ill equipped", lack understanding or have little experience when relating emotionally to others as emotions are not usually expressed or understood in their place of work. 

Just ask almost any man how comfortable he feels about crying with a co-worker or expressing feelings of being overwhelmed to a boss.

Extensive research exists demonstrating that men’s mental health issues are minimized and that men face tremendous barriers to seeking help. In many cultures, men are socialized to work and provide for their families as their primary responsibility.

Sadly for men, emotions or relationships are not valued even today, unless the in male-dominated workplaces.

Dr. Dadson explains issues related to anxiety and depression in men in the video above.

The Approach: Working Groups for Men

Often in men's team sports, the effort of one individual is not enough and a coach or a team facilitator, is vital or necessary. When dealing with men's mental health issues this is often the case. Dr. Michael Dadson's extensive research involving the effectiveness of working groups for veterans is demonstrated in the informative publication:

  “Evaluation of a group intervention for veterans who experienced military-related trauma,”

To view the press release regarding the new lead by renowned men's mental health specialist, Dr. Mike Dadson, follow this link:  Intensive Work Group for Men: "Growing Our Mental Health" ,

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Dr. Michael Dadson Asks Some Important Questions About the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Trial

 Langley, British Columbia

Amid the media frenzy surrounding the Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard trial, Dr. Michael Dadson, poses important questions regarding their allegations.

If Heard’s allegation are true and she is a victim of single direction domestic abuse, then she draws attention to a very serious and dangerous reality for many people, usually women.

What if it isn't true?

Sadly, some young men have lost their lives to suicide under the weight of allegations that have later been disproved. A whisper, an affidavit, a media story, an internet post, can lead to levels of online bullying that can decimate a person’s life and that of their children, causing lifelong mental and physical health issues, and the inability to make a livelihood.

Read more on EINnews here:

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Thursday, February 10, 2022



Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson), believes "Valentine's Day can have a 'Darwinian effect' on couple relationships which are already struggling: weaker relationships may not survive." Follow this link to read more on COVID vs CUPID in 2022.

Since early 2020, Dr. Dadson has expressed concern surrounding the mental health impacts of COVID-19.  In 20222, added to the already unprecedented levels of mental health issues, the flooding disasters in BC, economic uncertainty-job loss or unemployment, prolonged lockdowns and isolation, social restrictions, political conflicts rising among family and friends, increasing costs for food, fuel and housing have lead to unprecedented mental health issues.

Dr. Michael Dadson notes that "with Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, couples who were already under stress seem to be under more stress now, with no end in sight of disruptions caused by COVID-19 restrictions".

Dr. Dadson offers insights with this couples counselling video:

4 Links to Dr. Dadson's  Academic and Professional Certifications

  1. Dr. Mike Dadson is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors with numerous academic publications
  2. Dr Dadson is also a certified member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, 
  3. Final Ph.D. Defense

To inquire about a couples counselling appointment, click here. 

*Note- Some financial supports are available: 

Blue Cross Provider for Veterans and RCMP
  • Registered provider of services for ICBC

    In addition, Dr. Dadson offered 20 free counselling placements for those who were impacted by the recent weather disasters in BC or who have experienced a death due to COVID. Read more here.

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    Wednesday, February 9, 2022

    Self Determination Therapy

                                                Photo: Jared Rice 

    Self-determination theory (SDT) maintains that an understanding of human motivation requires a consideration of innate psychological needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness. 

    We discuss the SDT concept of needs as it relates to previous need theories, emphasizing that needs specify the necessary conditions for psychological growth, integrity, and well-being.

    To read more on Self Determination Therapy, follow this link.

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    Thursday, December 16, 2021

    Free Counselling Sessions for BC Disaster Survivors (limits apply)

    Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson), is offering two free counselling sessions (for the first 20 registrants) with Gentle Currents Therapy for families or individuals who have been affected by the recent disastrous flooding, or those who have experienced a traumatic loss due to Covid19. Follow this link for more details.

    According to Dr. Michael Dadson:

    "Right now, right here, in the Lower Mainland, we have twin acute stressors: we have the disastrous flooding, and we also have this long-term marathon of a pandemic, which has people tired of the constraints on their lives."

    Mike Dadson recommends three mental health tips during times of crisis:

    1. Be as kind and civil as possible to others in your community
    2. Be willing to ask for help, especially if you have any suicidal thoughts
    3. Remember that this, too, shall pass and there is a way forward for all of us

    About Counselling with Gentle Currents Therapy

    Dr. Dadson earned his Ph.D. in counselling psychology from the University of British Columbia. Michael Dadson has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Clinical Counsellors Association since 2000.

    4 Professional Links for Dr. Michael Dadson

    1. Three Best Rated Counsellors in Langley, BC
    2. University of British Columbia – Final PhD Defence (CNPS)
    3. Psychology Today profile
    4. Google Scholar Articles 

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    Thursday, October 21, 2021

    How to Live and Feel Better with Chronic Depression

                                                     What is Depression?

                                                                            Photo:  Arash Payam 

    Depression in general is more than feeling sad once in a while, it is a feeling 

    that is present almost every day, for most of the day, for over a period of two or 

    more weeks. Depression can have a negative effect on your energy, 

    relationships,family dynamics, friendships, social life, work, and education.


    Wednesday, October 20, 2021

    Outdoors, a Place to Manage Stress and Anxiety - Michael Dadson

    Outdoors, a Place to Manage Stress and Anxiety - Michael Dadson

    Photo: Yoshi Takekawa

    According to Dr Michael (Mike Dadson), "an outdoor environment with fresh air, be it in cultivated gardens, or a more natural setting, can help bring calm to both our bodies and minds, and is especially great when we suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. Walking, or finding a quiet place to sit and breath naturally, allows nature to reach out to us with calming benefits. This is also true when we are around water sources."

    To read more about the benefits of the outdoors to your mental health follow the link here. 

    To Learn More About Doctor Dadson follow these 7 links: