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Developmental Attachment Injury


What is Developmental Attachment Injury?

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According to the NIH  

Attachment refers to a psychobiological principle that is deeply rooted in evolutionary development; it is thought to contribute a major advantage in the survival of the social group. Within individual development it indicates a primary motivational system that guides the initial transactions between mother and baby and furthermore mediates affective attunement and regulation. 

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson) explains: 

Significant early adversities and traumatic encounters, or substantial emotional neglect, can give rise to varying degrees of attachment security or insecurity, resulting in disorientation and disorganization within the attachment pattern.

As with adults, every child has a different way of dealing with circumstances or events.” Not every person experiences events same way. If a child experiences, terror, abandonment or feels totally alone and vulnerable, it can be traumatic.

Family counselling can be important for children affected by developmental attachment injury, and a great way for parents to find answers behind the behaviours of their child.

Trauma experienced during childhood canmanifest in a multitude of symptoms, including nightmares, bed-wetting, heightened anxiety, depression, resistance to authority, academic underperformance, mood fluctuations, substance misuse, and self-harm.  

Psychology Today identified these key points: 

  • People with unprocessed attachment trauma often report similar behaviors or psychological symptoms that affect the quality of their adult lives.

  • Unexplained physical ailments may originate from having experienced early trauma.

  • Trauma-blocking behaviors occur by engaging in compulsive behaviors that momentarily distract from traumatic memories or pain.

 Dr. Michael Dadson reviews the impact of unresolved childhood trauma in the video below. 

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Dr. Michael Dadson, dedicated his early career to the study of trauma. His role as the former Executive and Clinical Director of the Veterans Transition Network equipped him with a profound understanding of the profound effects that trauma can exert on an individual."  

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