Wednesday, August 23, 2023

6 Results Couples Can Expect From Counselling

Dr. Michael Dadson reviews what a couple can expect when they get counselling.

There is no quick or instant fix in couples counselling. It takes time to unravel the emotional patterns that can cause us to feel stuck and hopeless in a relationship. 

It is not uncommon for couples to have several sessions. However, Dr. Dadson indicates:

When there are deeper issues of trust, anger management or trauma, months of therapy is not uncommon until a couple will start to experience significant changes or improvements in a relationship. However, with commitment from both partners, research has proven that couples counseling or couples therapy can lead to long- term positive changes in a relationship.

Dr. Dadson relates:
“Depending on the issues you face as a couple, your goals 
as a couple and your progress rate, will all vary the results 
you can expect to see in couples counseling.”

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Results couples can expect to see in therapy:

Improved communication

Increased intimacy

Resolution of specific issues

Increased empathy and understanding

Increased problem-solving skills

Increased gratitude and appreciation for the work your partner 

is willing to do to improve your relationship. 

.Dr. Michael Dadson talks about the benefits of counselling in the above video. 

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