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5 Critical Reasons to Seek Trauma Counselling



Dr. Mike Dadson identifies when it is critical to seek counseling when you are affected by a traumatic incident, or you are suffering from PTSD:

  1. If your daily life or your growth and development are affected by something traumatic that’s happened in your past, or even in the present. Or, if there’s a particularly invasive or difficult life circumstance and you are having difficulty being able to adjust or cope.
  1. Engaging in a pattern of unhealthy coping behaviours.
  1. A PTSD experience either past or present. An experience from the past that is still having a highly impactful stress on your life. Or it could be an overwhelming encounter with a life-threatening traumatic experience. When a person feels like their life or well-being is threatened, PTSD is common. Past events from childhood trauma such as abuse that is physical, sexual, or even verbal can trigger PTSD and exacerbate the issues above.
  1. If you are overcome with anxiety, panic attacks, or depression.
  1. When you are depressed for more than a few weeks, or you have been exposed to acute stress for more than a few weeks.


                                                       Unresolved Trauma with Dr. Mike Dadson

Dr. Mike Dadson indicates:

Post-traumatic stress disorder can result if untreated traumatic stress is not addressed. Long-term physical or mental health problems such as (PTSD can develop). To improve your mental and physical health, developing a plan to manage your symptoms along with coping strategies is a key piece in a treatment plan.

Symptoms of traumatic stress tress are individual and can vary. Seeking help from your doctor and a trauma informed counsellor It is important.  

 PTSD is common in first responders. In the video below, Dr. Dadson reviews the impact of trauma on first responders.

Over several decades, Dr. Michael Dadson was at the forefront of researching, development, competenciesand effective treatment programs for trauma

To read more on the proven research of PTSD treatment in veterans and first responders, visit me at Google Scholar. 

Neglect has been found to be extremely traumatic for children (Schore, 2003; van der Kolk, 1994), indicates Dr. Dadson. However, Dr. Dadson notes, when there is an absence of something necessary it can be difficult to put the experience of neglect into words compared to bruises that are visible sign of physical abuse.

For more information on trauma, visit Dr. Dadson’s blog on his trauma therapy clinic web site here. 

To understand the types of therapy used in trauma counselling visit Dr. Mike Dadson section on therapy modalities here.

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